Hello My Lovelies!

Welcome to The Travelling Midwife. This our first blog on the website and I am really excited to share it with you. Clare is the blogger/creator, midwife and mummy behind Mumsy Midwife – if you haven’t been there already check out all the links at the end. Clare is going to be writing every other Monday for Mumsy Mondays!

We start of this Mumsy Monday with ‘ The Social Media Savvy Student Midwife’ to you all you newbies coming in and starting your course, welcome and congrats! I’m so excited for you all and I hope that you are enjoying the start of your future as a midwife. This is a great read of ways to stay safe and awareness when using social media. You may have heard the horror stories, but in the past girls have been removed from midwifery courses dues inappropriate use of social media, so please be safe and take Mumsy Midwife Clare’s advice!

I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to comment and share with your fellow midwifery students!

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