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Welcome Nicola Bradley talks about the Fear of Birth and being a Birth Rocks Mentor.

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As a qualified midwife I strive to keep pregnancy and childbirth normal and understand that natural birth is the best option for mother and baby. However, factors such as pre-existing medical conditions, conditions that develop throughout pregnancy, varying birth out-comes and mothers choice play their part. Therefore, as no two pregnancies are the same I work with women to help them enjoy the whole experience no matter what happens, offering them support and guidance. I decided to become a birth ROCKS mentor as the course encourages women to understand that during childbirth “one size does not fit all”.


Working on the labour ward and having three children myself I have witnessed and felt that birthing can be painful at times, however with the right preparation we can allow the amazement of this to overshadow the discomfort. Discomfort can often be brought on by the body’s natural response to fear. Fear plays such a pivotal role in childbirth and is often underestimated in the antenatal period; it is put to one side and never really addressed! Fear is an essential response to any emotional or physical danger, if fear was not experienced humans would be unable to protect themselves from actual threats. However, humans often fear situations that are far from life-or-death and birthing a child is an example of this. One of the main causes of fear in childbirth can be contributed to women associating pain with childbirth. Facing fears and understanding the physical effect it has on the birthing body as well as developing individual coping skills will alleviate any distress. Birth ROCKS encourages couples to really work through any fear issues and replace them with excitement and as one Birth ROCKS client states following the completion of the course “I no longer have the fear, thanks”. Being a Birth ROCKS mentor I am able to guide women and their birth partner to understand their own coping skills and help develop a birth plan that is suitable to their individual needs. We review many practices that can aid comfort during labour and birth such as breathing techniques, birthing position, birth partner involvement, hypnosis for childbirth as well as discussing the process of labour and options available at home and hospital.


Clients have reported that the many practices learned from the Birth ROCKS course aided them to an enjoyable birth, as one client tells “I used tens and gas/air along with my breathing which so works and was in pool until the end” and another in-forms “Attending the classes for re-laxation/birth hypnosis/coping techniques/information was invaluable as it kept both of us in control. I didn’t panic during the whole day, I felt I coped well with everything and knew what was happening and why. My partner was a great help massaging my back and supporting me throughout”. Receiving feed-back from clients is great especially when they tell me that other birth professionals are recognising the benefits of attending a birth preparation class as one client reports “And they (labour suite midwives) said whatever course that was really worked, my breathing was excellent!! They were all very impressed at how I laboured


For me being a mentor as well as a midwife allows me to work with women during such an important part of their lives; it keeps me focused that childbirth is normal and I never forget how privileged I am to be involved! Ultimately Birth ROCKS!!!!”


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