8 Tips for Starting Placement – PART TWO


Welcome Back for Part Two – 8 Tips for Starting Placement.

If you haven’t already read Part One click here.

If you have any tips or tricks that you have found worked for you please comment below and share with others!!



1. Look After Yourself

This means making sure you hydrate and eat! It is really easy to get caught up in the chaos of a busy ward. But it is really important you look after yourself by making sure you have a bottle of water with you, have a lunch break and a toilet break……that’s right make sure you go pee!!


2. Ask Questions

When working with your midwife if you are not sure about something….ASK!! Otherwise next time it happens she will assume you know and leave it to you, and then it will look worse. You are not expected to know everything so ask, and if you prefer wait till you have left the room and it is just you and your mentor and ask. Even qualified midwives ask questions!


3. Say Yes

This may seem like an odd tip, but if you have the opportunity to do something say YES. In the moment the pressure may be on and you may be really nervous but take every opportunity you get, once you have done it then the first time is done. Or if you are not sure ask to be assisted.


4. If Wrong Try Again

This brings me to my next point. You may not always get it right the first time. Don’t worry, its not the end of the world. Discuss with your mentor after where you went wrong and what you could do to improve for next time. But make sure the next time you do it! Don’t let it build up in your mind to something it isn’t.


5. Feedback

Always ask for feedback, this is a great opportunity to see what you are doing right and where you can improve.


6. Notepad and Pens

You can go into the pound shop and get 5 notepad for £1. Get little pocket ones that you can keep in your uniform or scrubs to take notes or make a plan of care. Also pens, pens always go walkabouts, so always make sure you have plenty of pens in your bag.


7. Brownie Points

If you make your mentor a lovely cup of tea she will love you! I would always offer to make tea before we sat down to write notes or go through my practice assessment document. This will earn you some brownie points but gives you an excuse for a drink.



Midwifery is an amazing profession, and being on placement can be stressful, hard and overwhelming……but, your only going to have three years as a student, so enjoy them three years and take every opportunity you that comes your way.


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